Ceremony for a Holy Man

Late June, 2018

“I sent a hawk to tell you that I was coming,” I told my great friend and mentor. Just then a very large, low flying hawk dived over us. We both smiled as we saw it.

“He’s late,” Thompson said nonchalantly.

I had successfully surprised my friend. He is a Caddo and Comanche medicine person, a holy man, a wise-beyond-his years teacher and lover of people. He has taught me over many years. He was in a nursing home resting and restoring after losing part of his leg to Diabetes. My husband and I drove from Colorado to Oklahoma to surprise him. I brought him tobacco, cedar, sage, and sweet-grass.

We sat outside the nursing home watching the hawks circle overhead. I had brought my things to do ceremony on him if he wished. It is an interesting feeling when the student is called to do ceremony on one’s teacher.

The next day we met in a quieter courtyard and I prepared the abalone shell with charcoal and had the herbs ready to burn. My most sacred feather- gifted to me by another medicine man- at the ready. I had been praying all night. The sun was warm and comforting, filtering through the giant Chinese elms. A red cardinal played nearby. I had never seen one before. I have an ancestor named Red Bird, so felt she was there. I made the circle of tobacco and placed the bowl of water in the circle. I balanced my medicine staff. My husband helped me prepare. The sound of the water trickling in the garden fountain was calming. We wheeled Thompson into the center of the circle and began the healing ceremony that he had taught me. That he had done for me multiple times.

Thompson has big power and it takes courage to do ceremony on another medicine person. I quieted my mind and stayed focused. I put great energy into the prayers, into the smoke, into the actions that cause reactions. The smoke billowed up and caught on the wings of the hawks. There was calm.

“During the ceremony,” Thompson said later, as he handed me a packet of tobacco, “I saw your White Wolf. He went ahead of you around the circle.”

Power and healing never really comes from us, but through us. We are guided by Creator, and the many, many spirits and guides.

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3 thoughts on “Ceremony for a Holy Man

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    This is another blog that I am writing. It is more spiritual in nature. I have shared some of my experiences on Farmgirl School, but this one will be more dedicated to the lessons and stories I have to share from my mentors and my own experiences. I hope you will follow it as well. I hope it inspires and encourages you.


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