Owl and Wolf Teachings

I am Bird Woman.  I am no one particularly special or powerful but I have been taught and have learned a great many things that I have been prompted to share with you.  Perhaps these things will help you on your journey.  I simply hope to inspire and to teach the proper way of doing things. 

We are all connected in an intricate and unbreakable way with each other, with the winged ones, with the four leggeds, with our ancestors, with the earth. We have stopped listening and it is causing confusion and despair. We stopped believing and lost sight of what is really important. Many wisdom keepers passed on and we chose modern ways. It is time we come back to the old ways of good medicine.

My spirit animals are Owl, who is my great messenger, and the White Wolf, who is a teacher and my totem in my medicine. But all of the animals work with me as guides, particularly birds. I am using this platform as a way to teach while recording my own memories, teachings from my mentors, and my experiences. Very sacred, hands on ceremonies are for the few that become my apprentices; I won’t teach you anything that can get you into trouble through misunderstanding. But I am honored to share through stories and lessons what I know…and so we begin.

  • North on the Medicine Wheel

    December 4, 2019 by

    The north isn’t the first place we all want to go. It is cold. Imagine a giant, snow covered mountain and you are sitting at the base of it. It is quiet. It is a place of contemplation. It is the place of wisdom. There is a quiet sadness in the north. When one comes… Read more

  • West on the Medicine Wheel

    December 2, 2019 by

    Sweetgrass, tobacco, sage, and cedar are placed in the abalone shell. A lighter is used to set the herbs on fire to create smoke. On the inside, at the end of the shell, one will see the heart ventricle feeding into the shell; the shell is the shape of a human heart. This faces away… Read more

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